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When the time calls for the right survival equipment, do not lose yourself in uncertainty and confusion. These are the days in history that can change lives and save them too. With the waves of natural disasters, war, conflict, and domestic terrorism on the rise, do not get caught unprepared. Those who make preparations a priority will limit their actual need for help. Being wisely prepared for the possibility of man made and natural disasters can save lives.

Survival Equipment

Having an adequate supply stocked up of water, food, heating or cooking sources, lighting,shelter and other important basics is essential. Being able to be your own source of resources and vital supplies is the only way to ensure survival. The world can be a harsh place
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Light is essential in a wide variety of situations. You will also need to have a way to receive transmissions, as long as they are available from the outside world. These minor things are not something you want to forget to plan on having. It is worth it to even purchase a back up pair.

First Aid Kits

Of all survival equipment that you will need in a disaster, the first aid kit is the highest priority. If you are injured or hurt during an emergency, there will be no one to call. You will need a first aid kit and possibly more than one. First aid kits and taking care of your body, both from injuries and accidents, should be a concern for everyone. In the end, there will be no time to think about items like this at all.

Compasses and GPS

When there is no one to guide your sense of direction or ask for any, you must have a compass or GPS. These are standard items for the seasoned survival equipment owner. They are as important as weapons, food, and shelter. It is easy to get lost, if you do not have a compass or GPS at the ready. By having these at your disposal, there will be no unnecessary detours in your travels anywhere away from

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