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There are many reasons why someone would need survival food. If a person decided to go on a camping trip and needed to take food along to sustain those, survival foods would be a good suggestion because they have value and will guarantee that the person has the correct nutrition in a days’ time. Survival foods will also be something to consider if December 21, 2012 were to happen. There will be no electricity or lights so cooking will be a challenge. People that prepare early will stand a better chance at surviving than the ones that do not prepare.

Survival Food

There are different types of survival foods and different ways to prepare or store them. Looking at packaging foods will give your ideas on the types of foods to prepare for survival food. One way to store food is to prepare and package meats. One-way is the old-fashioned smoke house way. Most people do not have smoke houses but they can prepare the meat by smoking it in a cooker. Smoked meats will give a person the protein they need if they had no way to prepare or keep meat cold. Smoked meats do well portioned and stored in zip lock bags or containers.

Another way to prepare and store foods is to dehydrate them. A person can dehydrate meats, vegetables, and fruits without difficulty. This way a person will have all of the survival food that a balanced diet calls for in a
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The fruits and vegetables need washing and cutting up in manageable pieces. After cutting the fruits or vegetables in bite size, drop them in boiling water with a pinch of salt. This can be sea salt or table salt. Add some spices or garlic and allow this to boil for approximately ten minutes. Then take the vegetables out of the hot water and place in jars. Fill the jars with vegetables and top off with some of the boiling water. After this is completed, you will need to seal the jars. Preparing these vegetables and fruits for survival food is a great way to store enough for the

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