Essay On Survival Of The Sickest

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The novel Survival of the Sickest by Dr. Sharon Moalem did a great job of exploring and explaining the history of the evolution of modern genetic diseases. The author research and explain the underlying evolutionary mechanisms of past human genetic history and adaptations that support why modern humans still have these heritable genetic diseases. There are many factors that play the role of how an individual or a population inherited a certain genetic disease. Some of these factors are relatively new and intriguing as scientists and biologists alike are continuing to learn more about the unknowns of the vast field of genetics. Factors that affect the inheritance as well as the prevalence of the mechanisms of the genetic diseases include hazardous chemical environmental factors, gene regulation…show more content…
The body is unable to recognize that the body has a sufficient amount of iron so the body continues to absorb iron from the food we as humans eat until it severely damages our body organs causing an imbalance in body chemistry which could ultimately lead to death if the hemochromatosis goes unchecked without any treatment. Iron is essential to the human’s survival but too much iron is proven to be deadly. Symptoms of Hemochromatosis includes having weak bone joints, fatigue, and general weakness. The Lymph nodes also swell up as the iron supply is heavily distributed in our bloodstream and our body. Iron levels are extremely high in all areas of the body except for the Macrophages. The Macrophages are cells that fight for us in the immune system to protect against foreign invaders. Since Macrophages need iron to function, it cannot effectively protect our body from certain bacteria and maintain certain internal problems. The progression of Hemochromatosis if left unnoticed or untreated could lead to many other health problems such as heart problems, liver diseases, diabetes, or even
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