Essay On Sustainability In The Construction Industry

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Sustainability within the Construction Industry
How can the construction industry meet its environmental and social responsibilities as well as increasing profitability?
The industry is constructed of skilled workers who are involved with production, development, planning, designing, constructing and maintaining the built environment. This also includes the manufacturers and suppliers of building materials as well as customers and end use inhabitants (Building Research Establishment, 2018).
Sustainability within the construction industry is about guaranteeing an improved quality of life for everybody, today and for years to come. This can be achieved by recognising the needs of everyone, maintaining stable levels of growth and employment alongside safeguarding and if achievable, enriching the environment whilst using natural resources efficiently. Sustainable construction encircles three wide-ranging themes, environmental, social and economic responsibility, often acknowledged as the ‘triple bottom line’. Sustainable construction is not about exceptional environmental implementation to the detriment of a firm which is unable to remain profitable, neither is it remarkable profitability to the cost of the local environment and people. There is
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It starts with the first stages of material sourcing whether it be mining or manufacturing of raw materials, which can have detrimental effects on the local environment and its eco-system, putting bio-diversity of some plant and animal species at risk. Transportation of these resources around the globe, to site, or to be further processed can produce substantial greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the waste that requires disposal and removal from the construction site also adds to the carbon footprint (ESUB Construction Software,
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