Essay On Sustainable Community

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Sustainable communities can be depicted as places where the needs of everyone in the community are met and people feel safe, healthy and ultimately happy our environment is appreciated, protected and enhanced and damage to nature is limited our economy is energetic, business openings are enhanced and our working lives are all the more fulfilling The concept sustainability explores the relation among economic development, quality of the environment and social equity. Policies and strategies for sustainable development should simultaneously promote continuous economic opportunities, enhance environmental fundamentals and focus on the social well-being of the community to ensure an evenly balanced environment. Policies have to advocate…show more content…
Only a portion of the difficulties confronting us today. Government, social orders, people and different gatherings and association have influenced various endeavours to attempt to and settle these issue, with fluctuating level of achievement yet despite everything they remain. There won’t be a valid result in promoting sustainable community if there no cooperation within the whole community. If only one person implying sustainable lifestyle in their life it won’t make a major difference towards the community. Cooperation of the whole community is needed to make a sustainable community a reality. Lauren singer she manages to fit all her waste that she generated for two years in one mason jar, because the lack of cooperation of her community her efforts did not make a major different towards her community. Population of earth has increased tremendously throughout the years and we are currently facing a major increase of human population. Currently, humanity has grown as expected since the warnings about global overpopulation of the 1960s. Decades of United Nations projections for the year 2000 came within 3 percent of the actual total, making the U.N.’s 9.7 billion prediction for 2050 both credible and alarming.
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