Essay On Sustainable Development Goals

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(Sustainable Development Goals) Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns According to the Agenda 21 of the 'Earth Summit 1992 ', the main causes of environmental degradation are the unsustainable consumption and production patterns. Thus, there is a demand to change lifestyle and unsustainable consumption patterns which are the most effective approach in solving many environmental issues. Changing unsustainable consumption patterns in GCC countries considered one of the most highly important targets since the GCC countries overuse oil products and extravagance in water and energy consumption. Achieving sustainable consumption in the GCC countries, requires a collaboration among private, public sectors, and civil society. The most effective ways in changing the unsustainable behavior is raising awareness regarding the importance of sustainable consumption through conducting lectures, research, and development. Goal number 12 aims not only at achieving environmentally sound management but also to reduce waste and limit emissions on air, water, and soil. Also, a good governance plays a crucial role to fight against corruption and develop appropriate policies that promote sustainable consumption. For instance, laws that support sustainable consumption such as…show more content…
Also, to become a sustainable country without depending on oil by 2020. Reduce water consumption by supporting the optimal use of water resources, and encouraging the use of treated and renewable water. Furthermore, to optimize the investment of aquatic wealth by rationalizing water consumption and the use of treated and used water. The vision aims to provide high-quality services of electricity and seeks to add 9.5 gigawatts of renewable energy for local production due to the high level of domestic consumption of energy by
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