Essay On Sustainable Energy Development

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Sustainable energy development must be developed on a local level using technologies that have little impact on its receiving environment in the immediate future and for future generations (Botkin & Keller, 2012). The ultimate aim would be a change in lifestyle to ensure that energy sources on a local level are independent from the current infrastructure setup (Evenson, Zarske & Carlson, 2005). The energy use on a local level can be used as a gauge for national policy to steer countries in the direction of sustainable energy development (Ziramba, 2008).
2.1 Renewable Energy Technologies
Energy from the sun may be utilised in various methods, as shown in Table 1. Solar thermal technologies (including the solar water heater) has seen an increase
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This technology can be an economical method of replacing conventional energy sources. Solar dryer Drying is an important step in the process of agricultural products. Traditionally, agricultural crops are dried in direct sunlight and open to the elements. However, solar dryers can effectively decrease the wastages and increase the productivity of the dried fruit industry.
Solar cooker
Solar cookers ensure that the food retains its taste, natural flavour and vitamin content more effectively than conventional cooking methods.
Europe experienced two energy crises during the 1970s, which led to escalating demand for energy resources (specifically, oil) that could not be adequately supplied (Bonny, 1987; Donatos & Mergos, 1989). This led to a decrease in economic activity that reflected as a decrease in the demand for energy in the form of oil. Alternative energy sources needed to be considered in order to maintain the economic activities of society without further depleting the natural resources. Besides these crises in the 1970s, Greece had shown a remarkable ability to adapt to energy crises experienced in the 5th Century BC (Donatos & Mergos, 1989; Botkin & Keller,
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