Essay On Sustainable Packaging

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Abstract –
The consumer packaging world has two key players, the consumer and the packaging manufacturer. With the outside perspective, sustainability needs to be incorporated in the packaging industry. The official definition means, “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. There is no clear understanding, about what constitutes ‘Sustainable Packaging’. The ecological consumer has been a significant and a central character in the development of green marketing. In an effort to enhance Brand’s equity and increase consumers’ loyalty, companies are relying on environmental claims. The purpose of this study aims to identify if sustainable packaging can be used as a marketing
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Packaging was limited to luxury goods since packaging was expensive. After the world war 1, there were remarkable innovations in packaging like molded glasses, metal cans, cellophane and cardboard boxes.
The Great Depression marked the rise of supermarket culture and it drastically changed the distribution and consumption patters worldwide. Packaging now played the role of a silent-salesman. With the rise of digital technologies in the later half of the 20th century, business spread rapidly around the globe. At this stage, packaging not only acted a silent salesperson but was also used as a way of differentiating itself on the shelf from other products. Though packaging has become essential to businesses but is also a threat to the environment, hence more research continues to find new materials that are optimal and sustainable solutions. In the early 2000’s, EPA created stringent laws for businesses to control and reduce environmental impacts. Materials and business practices have shaped the evolution of the packaging sector over the last 30 years. Three decades ago packaging was just “packaging”. It was a means to an end, it was the container that allowed people to carry/transport their food, drink and other consumer items from one place to another. It was a functional and practical
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