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SWARM INTELLIGENCE(SI) Swarm intelligence (SI) is the collective behavior of decentralized, self-organized systems, natural or artificial.the concept was used on artificial intelligence.the swarm intelligence expression was introduced by Gerardo beni and jing wang in 1989. SI systems consists of group of agents communicating with one another .the agents or boids doesnot have any particular structure in behavioral aspects ,local and certain degree Rndom,interaction between agents leads o emergence of “intelligent”global behavior.agents follow simple rules. Examples of SI system are ant colonies,animal herding,fish schooling,microbal intelligence,bird flocking . Swarm intelligence is been used in many forecasting problems.they are • Particle…show more content…
GREY WOLF OPTIMIZER This optimizer is based on the leadership and hunting behavior of gray wolves. it was proposed by mirijalili . there are four types of grey wolves and three main steps are involved to perform this optimization. BAT ALGORITHM This optimization algorithm is based on the behavior of bats. this technique is based on swarm intelligence. MULTI-VERSE OPTIMIZER This optimization technique is based on cosmology such as white holes, black holes , worm holes. this is used to perform exploration, local search. GRAVITATIONAL SEARCH ALGORITHM In this algorithm agents are objects and their performance is obtained by their masses. this is based on law of gravity and it uses newtons physics. ALTRUISM ALGORITHM This algorithm is based on hamilton’s rule of kin .this algorithm shows how it works ina swarm of entities can, over time. GLOW WORM OPTIMIZATION This optimization was developed by krishnanand and ghose. it is used for computation pof is better than other optimization technique such as ant colony optimization and particle swarm

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