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Sweater: So exciting fashionable women style their sweaters this winter! There are sweatshirts and rollis in your wardrobe, but you do not have the ideas how to combine your sweaters? We give you styling inspiration! Sweaters are like jeans - the basics really has everyone in the closet and wears them in the cold months as well as every day. The great thing about the cuddly companions: They are not only wonderfully warm, but also real styling artists and can be combined in a variety of ways and exciting. Combine sweaters: These are the most beautiful looks! You almost always combine your sweaters with jeans only? Admittedly, the jeans sweater duo is a safe bank, but it is also more exciting. Stylish your sweater to one of the trendy tulle skirts or wear a…show more content…
Sure, clothes from the noble material is not cheap, but the investment is worth it. Because you can see the sweater after a few times wash, whether it is made from cheap plastic or from high-quality cashmere. No wonder that cashmere sweaters (especially simple models in light gray) are among the must-haves of fashionable women. Fear of breaking the expensive sweater? Here you will learn how to clean your cashmere! Combining hoodies: too sporty for everyday life? Hooded sweaters, also called hoodies, are among the most comfortable things the wardrobe has to offer. And also when you often only look at them in the apartment or at jogging: Hoods can also be combined really stylish. How it works, shows fashion blogger Julie Sarinana from She wears a trendy boyfriend jeans, a look-and-go booties with a Leo print, a chic coat and a pop-cap for the "I love NY" sweater. Promoting! Combine hooded sweaters: Casual yet stylish Which jewelery to the sweater? So you pimp your look! If your look with sweater, jeans or skirt is too simple, you can simply pimp it with

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