Essay On Sweatshops

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People who live in developed countries have enjoyed better social lifestlye compare to people who live in developing countries that can hardly survive because of low standard living condition, poor educational system, loose regulation. All of these circumstances force them to work in “Sweatshops” in which poor working condition inclduing wages, environment and health care are lag from standardization. Genearl speaking, it could be seen that sweatshops, normally, are located in third world countries where have cheap labor forces, unstrict reguations and high demand for works just to fit the daily life. It is not completely wrong to say that Sweatshops exploit workers and that the living condition is hell to some people, but just only to some…show more content…
The lives of people in some of the third world countries are completely different from the developed country in much more prosperous condition. Thus, when people in developed country heard about the people working for $0.30 to $0.50 per hour, they would think that it’s completely absurd the labor forces but those people did not realize that those amount of money is acceptable to those people in the third country and it can keep them out from the street. Also, many children in the third world country have no other option but to go to the sweatshops to work to support their family rather than on street begging the people for money. Otherwise, those children would be left on the streets with danger, crime and with no other means of earning a living to support their family. Sweatshops give them an opportunity to try and support themselves and this maybe the only hope that those hopeless children can have. To most people, working in the sweatshop does not seem like a good option to choose to and it seems so horrible for working in the sweatshops but to those people in the third world country is the only one hope and the best choice they can have to get them survival so why get rid of
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