Essay On Swift's A Modest Proposal

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The full title of Swift 's pamphlet is "A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People from Being a Burthen to their Parents, or the Country, and for Making them Beneficial to the Publick" It is an oddly imagined effort to "find out a fair, cheap, and easy Method" (Greenblatt, p.1200) for transforming the starving children of Ireland into "sound and useful members of the commonwealth" (Greenblatt, p.1200). Through this paper the value of goodness and appreciation for beauty, beauty as associated with humankind, will be highlighted because even though Swift’s writing is sarcastic, he draws attention to a large problem in Ireland during his lifetime. Across Ireland, poor children, mainly Catholics, are living in filth because their families are too poverty stricken to keep them properly clothed and…show more content…
In A Modest Proposal, Swift vents his increasing annoyance at the incompetence of Ireland 's politicians, the falseness of the wealthy, the oppression of the English, and the uncleanliness and filth in which he sees so many Irish people living. While A Modest Proposal complains about the bleak situation of an Ireland almost totally subject to England 's manipulation, it also articulates Swift 's disgust at the Irish citizen’s inability to rally on their own behalf. Without excusing any party it displays that not only the English but also the Irish politicians and citizens at large are accountable for Ireland’s deplorable state. Swift 's piece protests the disorganization of Irish political leadership, and questions the orientation of many fashionable activists toward economic well-being. The main task of this piece is to garner the audience’s attention, despite their indifference. Swift makes his point adversely, putting together morally unsustainable positions in order to cast fault and slurs far and wide. He progresses through a series of surprises that at first shocks the reader and then causes him to think critically about policies,
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