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Symbiotic Bacteria
Bacteria form association with other organisms in which both species get benefit from each other. This type of association is called symbiosis and bacteria are called as symbiotic bacteria.
Role of symbiotic bacteria in Nitrogen Fixation
Bacteria play a very important role in nitrogen fixation by forming association with many living organisms that require nitrogen to meet their needs. Some associations are given below in which bacteria help in nitrogen fixation. Most of nitrogen fixation is carried out by these bacteria.
Association with Legume Plants
It is a symbiotic association in which bacteria give nitrogen to its host specie. In this process bacteria entangle the root nodules of the other species that is the legume
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This process is called as denitrification. Low content oxygen places are suitable for this process .e.g. deep water or deep soil is deficient in oxygen. Pseudomonas and Clostridium are involved in denitrification. Fig no. 4
Importance of Nitrogen Cycle
Nitrogen cycle is of great importance. Because nitrogen is very necessary to the living organisms in the ecosystem. This cycle generates nitrogen from atmosphere ocean and grounds. Living Organisms require nitrogen for the synthesis of many important compounds such as proteins, nucleic acid, amino acids and RNA and DNA etc. In animals nitrogen participates in many metabolic processes. Plants obtain nitrogen for their nourishment.
In Agriculture nitrogen is very important because many fertilizer formations require nitrogen as an important and vital constituent. It is rummage-sale to upsurge the fruitfulness of mud.
Human Activities
A human activity has great effects on nitrogen cycle as a result cycle is disturbed. Some examples are given below:
The use of fertilizers on crops has caused many problems due to which denitrification is more and a number of nitrates enter the soil and groundwater. This water then flows in rivers and streams etc. So increased quantity of nitrogen results in

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