Essay On Symbolism In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Anthem is a very symbolic novel that reinforces and expresses Ayn Rand's beliefs. The novel Anthem focuses on collectivism which is the thought that everything should be done for the good of the group. Great examples of symbolism is the uncharted forest, the name prometheus and the light bulb. The uncharted forest is in part a symbol of the unknown. It withholds many mysteries which draws Equality 7-2521 to try and solve them. When Equality is forced to run through the forest he found out all the answers to the mysteries. Through his journey in the woods he found the women he loves named liberty. He discovered the truth of the unemotional times and eventually found a house in the forest were he and liberty ran off to start their own civilization.…show more content…
He tries to share his new found light with his brothers in order to improve technology but they want nothing to do with it. Ayn Rand uses light to symbolize knowledge, freedom and life. Abundant light in the novel creates a bright mood, were as darkness provides a depressing gloomy mood. Light can also symbolize happiness just like the light bulb was for equality 7-2521. The story of Prometheus is very symbolic and directly corresponding to Equality situation. At the end of the book Equality changes his name to Prometheus, who was a greek titan who brought fire to humans against the gods wishes. This is symbolic because Equality brought a life changing technology into mankind against the world of council. The symbolism in Anthem is shown in various different ways. Things such as the enchanted forest the light bulb and the name Prometheus. Ayn Rand does a great job utilizing symbolism and expressing her beliefs throughout the
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