Essay On Symbolism In Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

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Symbols are all around us. Whether it be something like a stop sign or an object like a wedding ring, symbols are everywhere. Things can be symbols of good and symbols of evil and even the gray area between. In the story “Young Goodman Brown,” symbols of good and evil are present. The pink ribbon is a symbol that represents purity, innocence and gaiety as well as Goodman Brown’s wife and his spirituality. The staff shaped like a serpent is a symbol of the devil and evil. Goodman Brown knows that as he walks into the forest, he is walking with evil and is leaving his faith behind. Although he does not choose to take the devils offer he still turned his back on his faith, and as a result he becomes an old, bad-tempered, untrusting man.
Symbols can have hidden meanings. In “The Metamorphosis,” the gesture of food is a symbol love. We can see that Gregor’s sister takes all of the responsibility for Gregor’s well-being during Part 2 of the story. Eventually, however, the lack of food that Gregor receives suggest that the family has stopped loving Gregor and now just view, him as a burden they wish to be rid of. Gregor is not the only one that makes a transition in this
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In “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” the first indicator Connie gets that something is off or dangerous about Arnold Friend is his flashy gold car. The car has outdated phrases written all over it, and it seems that Arnold himself is also outdated and not really right. When Arnold insists that Connie take a ride with him, the car becomes something entirely different. It becomes a symbol of the horrible and violent things that will befall Connie in the future. I think the car is an omen because after Arnold shows up that car is what holds Connie’s future. Arnold forces to leave with him so the last thing she sees of her old life will be seen out of that car’s windows, after that her life will never be as it
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