Essay On Symbolism In Invisible Man

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In the novel Invisible Man, the story is symbolized by three symbols, the invisibility of the Nameless Narrator, the society of Liberty Paints Optic White, and the memories behind the Yams. The meaning of the work as whole can contribute to each symbols and establish the storyline by making it more interesting to the reader. Enable to learn and grow, one must have an open mind and heart to do so.
The first symbol encountered was the “Nameless Narrator.” The conspiracy of not exposing his name builds the importance of his character. He says he considers himself to be invisible because of his role in society. As a person, he was only seen for the color of his skin and therefore was stereotyped to just a “Black Man.” Throughout the novel with him staying behind the mask of his invisibility, it was contradicted by his intelligent and his wonderist mind of being a young black man in a society filled with closed minded people.
The second symbol was based Liberty Paints Optic White. The paint is symbolized by the race and cultural of society during the 1930’s. “Now measure ten drops into the paint…There, that's it, not too goddamn fast. Now. You want no more than ten, and no less." Enable to make the paint, the worker must add ten drops of an unknown substance into a bucket of disfigured color, and the two ingredients will make the
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As the Narrator realized the importance of capturing his true identity, and ignoring the past judgment of others, it worked the novel to beneficial as a whole. The racism in the Liberty Paint Optic White was another stolen identity of society. The memories affected by a dish was reminded of the simpler, happier times. And the invisibility of the Narrator was seen as much more than meets the eye. Each encounter was an opened experience and taught one should be opened to learn by benefitting to grew as a
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