Essay On Symbolism In Literature

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When it comes to symbolism in literature,it usually refers to a European literary and artistic movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries , which chiefly originated in France , Russia, and Belgium, and was deeply influenced by the great works of Edgar Allen Poe. As in most literary rebellions, the new literature rose out of a desire to renovate the literary theories of a previous age. Symbolism as a new and extraordinary literary writing tactic came naturally into the world of literature, since this literary and artistic movement grew out of the general crisis in bourgeois humanitarian culture. Not like the realist principles of the artistic image in the works of the Parnassians and naturalists in the novels of the latter half of the 19th century, symbolists rebelled against what people called the "realism" and insisted that truth could only be represented in an indirect manner, which means that the meanings should be expressed by literary language through Symbols. And in such aspects, the literary meaning can be divided into the surface meaning and the deep meaning. A new generation of symbolists appeared, with the popular and critical successes of such writers…show more content…
What is a certain thing is that a new trend of using symbols in writing had drew writers' much attention, especially in the 20th century. Writers were willing to adopt symbolism in their works. Be as specific as possible, it is a writing skill that uses a person, place, or objects to represent something else which is larger and often untouchable (Literary Devices, 2017). Nevertheless, there is no doubt that it is broadly used in literature allowing authors to be objective while expressing his or her views at the same time. Symbols, also, in a story can be understood differently by different people. Some symbols stand for things that are obvious while others need a more involved
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