Essay On Symbolism In Where Are You Going Where Have You Been

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Contentious Symbolism The contentious sense of symbolism illustrated by the two main characters in “Where are You Going, Where Have You Been?” is supported by their actions throughout the story. Deceit between characters was a common symbol that seemed to follow both characters throughout the story. This symbol of distrust allows for a common thread between characters that ultimately joins them together in the end. The overall aspect of lying brings together the two main characters in this story with a unique sense of symbolism. Connie, a teenage girl, who thinks more of herself than the boy she went out with the evening before, and would rather be deceptive than live in reality. The illusive life Connie plays is made clear between her relationship with her mother, and the life she lives at home and away from home. “Everything about her had two sides to it, one for home and one for anywhere that was not home:” (Oates 507). This dishonesty Connie plays with is a reflected back later in the story by the second main character of this story. Arnold FRIEND is introduced as a smooth very arrogant guy, yet the same illusory is illustrated between him and Connie once Arnold arrives at Connie’s house. The reader only sees Arnold at first as a bold boy with an ego out to impress a beautiful young girl, who has…show more content…
Arnold FRIEND is “An Old FRIEND” to Connie. Connie is deceitful in her young age to family and her friends as well. “She [Connie] always drew thick clear lines between herself and such girls, and her mother was simple and kindly enough to believe her. Her mother was so simple, Connie thought,” (Oates 508). Here the suggested symbolism of Arnold, “The Father of Lies”, and Connie a young deceitful girl who sees herself in the reflection of her old friend’s eyes brings reality to the
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