Essay On Symbols In The Kite Runner

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Symbolism - The novel Kite Runner has many symbols which added effectiveness and emphasized the story a bit more. A symbol is a object or a function that plays a very important role in the novel. A few symbols in the kite runner are, the kites that symbolized Amir and Hassans friendship in Kabul before their lives took a twist. The second symbol is The pomegranate tree, this also symbolized Amir and Hassans Friendship. They carved their names on a pomegranate tree and right there under the tree Amir breaks his friendship with Hassan. When Amir returns to Kabul after many years he climbed up the hill to see if the pomegranate tree was still there and supriseingly it still stood there. Amir then recalled his memories with Hassan . Another examples is how Sohrab is a symbol of redemption to Amir. He saves Hassans child from Kabul and pays back for his betrayal.…show more content…
I feel these flashback add more effectiveness to the book and bring Emotions in the reader. “it was warm and sunny, and the late was clear like a mirror. But no one was swimming because they said a monster had come to the lake. It was swimming at the bottom, waiting. So everyone is scared to get in the water, and suddenly you kick off your shoes, Amir agha, and take off your shirt. There’s no monster, you say. I’ll show you all.” this was one example of foreshadowing when Hassan had a dream at night. Suspense - The suspenses in this book are amazing. The books first lines are suspenseful and which make you read the entire book in a day. Hosseini builds the suspense throughout Amir's life, showing the horrors of Taliban rule, the destroyed neighborhoods, the orphaned children, the murders in the soccer stadium and the unexpected meeting with Assef. Even after Amir manages to escape Assef with Sohrab's help, there are many more obstacles they like mental and physical and suprisengly they overcome this
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