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Religious syncretism refers to the blending of two religious values and belief systems into a common one. It implies bringing different religious systems, beliefs, values, and traditions into a new common system that influence the way they do things. This study explores the syncretism in Hinduism. It involves the bringing together cultures practiced in Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, and Hinduism. In this regard, it is important to note that all these religious groups share certain commonalities that influence their tolerance outlook (Picard and Madinier 14). Even though Hinduism is divided into many distinctive movements and sects, they accommodate one another. For instance, the worship of the goddess of music Sarawasti by some people while others worship her husband Lord Bragma implies a common background, even if some people might not agree. Hindus do not seek to proselytize the communities that do not belong to their religious outfit but exist together in harmony and peace. Essentially, religious syncretism brings the Hindu people together through shared culture, beliefs and…show more content…
It can also be used as a way of maintaining a cultural and religious identity in a multicultural society. In this plinth, Hindu syncretic shrines and communities in Maharashtra’ have a greater relevance in promoting coexistence among the different religious groups in the region that share cultural practices (Seyfort-Ruegg 65). Due to some shared values and cultures, most Hindus meet during certain cultural practices, religious fairs, and festivals as a common ground for people to unite. Doing so is a show of flexibility and broadmindedness among the people that live together in harmony despite their different religious background. Therefore, religious syncretism is important in uniting, and bringing people together due to accepted culture and practices that are

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