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Introduction: Synthetic dyes the first human-made organic aniline dye. They are generally metal cations. Synthetic dyes are prepared in many number of ways. Synthetic dyes are quickly replaced the traditional natural dyes. They cost less , they offer a vast range of new colours and they imparted better properties to the dyed materials. Synthetic dyes are widely used in textile , food , paper industries. The effluent of these industries are highly and disposal of these wastes into receiving water causes damage to the environment. They may be also toxic to some aquatic life due to the presence of metals , chlorides ,etc.,in them. Existing chemical methods of dye removal from effluents suffer from severe constraints like low efficiency, high operational costs and large amount of sludge generation. Adsorption has been demonstrated as an efficient and economical method for the removal of dyes. Treatment of textile waste water can be done by many types of conventional methods like adsorption, biological methods, ultra filtration, ozonisation and electro chemical coagulation and chemical flocculation or coagulation, simple sedimentation, electro dialysis, activated sludge treatment, reverse osmosis,…show more content…
The dyes present in the textile waste water are stabilized by electric charges. The metal ions given by electrochemical coagulation are neutralized with opposite charges of ions and they become precipitate to solids of high stability. This method is very suitable for production of polyvalent cations by oxidation of anodes. The metal ions when react with OH ions produced at the cathode to yield hydroxides which can able to absorb pollutants from the solution. It can contribute coagulation due to the neutralization of negatively charged colloidal particles. The most commonly used electrode materials in electrochemical coagulation are aluminium and

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