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What is a refugee? What do they look like? You guys have definitely heard of this word before, but are you familiar with what it actually is. First of all, a refugee is an individual who has been obliged to leave his or her country. On account of persecution, discrimination, violence and many more reasons. Generally, in movies refugees tend to look weak and the other characters usually look down at them. For instance, have you guys seen the movie District 9 by Neil Blomkamp? IF not, it’s definitely worth a watch. In this particular movie, aliens have existed for 30 years on earth, not as a threat, not to kill humans, but to seek refuge. Generally, we stereotype aliens as being big, scary and probably evil. In this case they’re the ones looking…show more content…
Here are a few connections to the book. In the last century there has been 24 major refugee crisis’s, starting from the first world war all the way to the recent Syrian war. The Syrian is one of the worst refugee crisis since World War II. 2 years ago there were a total of 59.5 million people that escaped from Syria, Iraq and Yemen. These 59.5 million took refuge I the Middle East, North Africa and western Asia. Among these 59.5 million are mostly Syrian. 4 million have been registered to the UN, but there are still 7 million that are displaced. So that makes 11 million Syrians trying to escape their nation. However, because of the large amounts of Syrians among the refugees. Most governments are only willing to accept Syrian refugees instead of the refugees from Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan. This is why the Syrian civil war is considered as the worst refugee crisis since World War II. According to the UN and the University of California, Berkley. The Syrian refugee crisis is, in terms of scaling, worse than the Gulf war and NATO bombing of Kosovo and so on. The Middle East eye, reported that 51% of the people that are looking for refuge in other countries aren’t older than 18, 39% are even under the age of 11. The UN calculated the amount of money needed to help the Syrian refugees and it’s a staggering 7.7 million dollars. But what are they running from? Why are they so afraid of staying where they are? The answer is simple really. It’s because Syria is now a battlefield, there’s a civil war that killed nearly 220k people (most of them are civilians), Russia is bombing Syria because of the potential ISIS targets and the rules of human rights in Syria have been totally forgotten. There are still many more problems in Syria and with all of this going on the chances of world war 3 emerging is higher than ever. So where do they go after they escape Syria? Do they live in Syria? The answer is no.

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