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Syringe Pump is another type of infusion pump which is small used to deliver small quantities of intravenous medications and fluids. It is also called as syringe driver. Most of the times this is used to infuse things and sometimes use to withdraw things.Actually we use syringe pumps applications where we need to deliver specific volume of fluid. We can use constant delivering rate or programmed flow rate. Most important part is exact deliver finite amount precisely because here we are talking about fluid that we are going infuse to human body so accuracy is a dominant factor.


How does it work?

Figure -1 typical syringe pump

This is a basic syringe pump where we can identify components of pump as keypad,
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First you have to gather the things necessary which are the syringe pump, medication, saline flushes, tubing, alcohol wipes and heparin. The user has to use hand sanitizer, warm soap or water to clean his/her hands. As this medical device is giving a patient important medicine, the tubes should not be toughed. And those should always be cleaned using germ killers before using. After inserting the battery the device should be checked whether it is working properly. Then the syringe is filled with the medication given by the physician for a patient. Connect the syringe to the patient via specialized IV tubing. The process should be handled by a medical officer or a nurse. Measure the length of the liquid against the scale. Herethe infusion line should be placed at the end of the syringe and take the readings.

6.The pump should be programmed to deliver the medication.Here the speed of the delivery should be adjusted as mm/24 hours. According to number of milliliters inside the syringe by using the given scale it can be adjusted.

7.Then place the syringe on the top of the driver and fix the syringe plunger to the lock. Secure that it is

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