Essay On Systematic Racism

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If you can take a moment to think to yourself, how many times have you been treated differently just because of your race? Maybe not at all, or maybe a lot. Understanding systematic racism may help you understand why. Systematic racism affects people’s lives greatly or just a little. If you want to learn about what Jim Crow started systematic racism and what it is, then read this essay. To start this out, I will be telling you what systematic racism is, and how it came to be. Jim crow made laws after the Civil Rights act that segregated the blacks from whites. Since they have lived in dirty places and did not have much money, we assume that they had it rough if we take just a glance at them. This is systematic racism. This is one of the reasons why whites also seem to have more rights and power than blacks. This is all of the basic information about Systematic racism…show more content…
People tend to assume that most of them are poor and not well educated, which leads to them being looked down at, giving them less job opportunities, and college opportunities. Have you ever look at someone black, and thought they were shady just because they had a hoodie on? There are also a lot of negative stereotypes of them that just make systematic racism worse. If you haven’t noticed, there are much more whites with good jobs than blacks. Some whites even look down to blacks and belittle them. “I think Jim Crow law should have never happened”, says Mitchell Drumright of my class. I agree with him. Just because Jim Crow is long gone,does not mean that laws of segregation don’t affect us today. Jim Crow’s laws still affect us in the forms of racism, systematic racism, and stereotyping. Though we try to deny it, everyone is affected by systematic racism. Jim Crow either influenced, or started everything in this essay. I hope that you have gotten the gist of the valuable things in this
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