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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Tablet computer, which comes with a touch screen interface, wireless and portable personal computer has increased in popularity throughout the years. At the same time, which many salesperson are employ and had already adopted the use of tablets in their daily life and sales. In this report, the advantages and disadvantages of tablets computers for traveling salesperson. Advantages - Light weighted, more convenience to carry while travelling. - Multi-functionally, which salesperson can present on their products and solutions anytime, anywhere. - Momentary to Start-up, which takes lesser time to start-up as compares to the normal computer, time-saving and customer doesn 't have to wait for too long. Disadvantages - There are few or no ports in a tablet, which may be a hassle when needed to present to the whole team and when files…show more content…
There are Few or No Ports on a tablet Firstly, this can be hassle for the salesperson if presentations are needed to present to the whole team as there is no port for the tablet and unable to connect to the projector. Tablets doesn’t contains USB port, and If both participants are needed of the documents very urgently and without network connection, it would be a big obstacle in order to send the document. 2. Software and Hardware are prone to damage and longer time to type One of the example that most salesperson will need is Photoshop, which tablet does not support this software. Apart from that, Apple does not run Flash light. The type and speed of the input process (inputs with tablet PCs become slower than those with laptops). 3. Cannot embrace massive amounts of data Currently, most tablets are manufactured with 16GB and 32GB of space, and if more internal storage are needed, personally have to pay a huge sum pay in order to get more storage. Files are needed to be convert before transferring to a Window laptop. Other than Iclouds backups and transfer, salesperson can only transfer through

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