Should High School Students Go To College?

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Graduating high school is no longer very impressive, as everyone now could do so. For anyone to increase their chances of being successful in the world, it is important to obtain a college degree. Many high school graduates choose to take time off before enrolling in any college. Before making a big commitment, some students leave high school with a wish to travel the world whereas some are not quite sure of their financial or academic direction and want to gain experience in the real world. However, others go to college right away with no questions asked. Some students choose to attend college knowing that it is more advantageous to do so and to also be around their peers. College offers many experiences for one to find themselves while remaining in an academic setting. Giving these circumstances, we tend to argue whether going to college right after high school or taking a few years off would be the better thing to do. There are people who sit on both sides of this contentious debate, given reasonable arguments to support their points. Those that support attending college right after they graduate…show more content…
Although some people argue that taking a few years off will enable one to find himself or better understand what they want in life, I believe that college is the perfect time to do that. College allows one to partake in many clubs, volunteer organizations, and trips that will help him figure out what they desire to do in life. Furthermore, in college, one can meet inspiring professors, crazy friends, and mentors all while still intellectually stimulating his mind. The same thing can be done when one takes time off maybe travelling abroad. Also, the people they meet in college or in the working world will both help mold them into the person they will be for the rest of his life. Both ways are perfect opportunities to discover one’s true
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