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For my final paper, I would like to discuss the tallest buildings in the world because architecture is one of the most interesting art subjects. Architecture has so many different parts that make it very interesting to learn about and to look at. There have been many tall buildings around the world and they are so magnificent that people take notice of them and try to immolate them. There is something very interesting about looking at the different types of buildings all over the world and the different techniques that the different architects used create their masterpieces. One of my fondest memories as a kid were going to St. Louis, MO and going up in the Arch to look at the world below. The one thing that I find interesting about architecture is the fact that people will go to all sorts of heights to create something to be admired by people around the world. Some of the skyscrapers are so big that they could be considered to be wonders of the world. Throughout the world there seems to be a competition to see who can build the biggest building in the world…show more content…
This structure is measured at 2,073 feet, ( This mega structure was designed by Gensler and a group of Chinese businessmen and is a tiered structure to help maintain its wind reducing efficiency. This building is the tallest building in China and takes the form of different structures stacked on top of each other. “One of the interesting features of this structure is the transparent façade is a unique design feature, because most buildings have only a single façade using highly reflective glass to lower heat absorption, but the Shanghai Tower 's double layer of glass eliminates the need for either layer to be opaqued. The tower is able to accommodate as many as 16,000 people on a daily basis,”
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