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Table of content:
1. The Rise of the dynasty
a. Factors that helped the Tang Dynasty come to power
b. How they came to power
c. Parts it controlled
d. Changes it made to the empire
2. The Social aspect of the dynasty
a. Social hierarchy and mobility
b. Roles of women and children in the Tang Dynasty
3. The Economical aspect of the dynasty
a. The innovations and changes the dynasty added to the Chinese economic system
b. The income and types of jobs in the empire
4. The Political aspect of the dynasty
a. The government system
b. A dynastic cycle of the dynasty
c. Important emperors and their achievements
d. How did to contribute to
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Another factor that affected the people and caused them to rebel was the heavy taxes that were put upon them. And finally, the wars that were frequent at that time because of the disunity in the empire.

How they came to power
The first step that the Tang Dynasty took to begin its empire was reuniting China were it used its strong military power with the lead of Emperor Taizong. Then Li Yuan declared himself the new emperor of the Tang Dynasty to be known later as the founder of the Tang Dynasty.

Parts it controlled
Under the lead of the Emperor Taizong in the Reign of Zhen Guan the Tang Dynasty was able to conquer and reunite the northern Mongolian Plateau, the Gaogouli area that consists of northeast China and the northern Korean Peninsula, they were also able to include the Baiji area that included the southwestern Korean Peninsula In the 7th century, the Tang Dynasty also included Central Asia to its empire.

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