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Imagine moving away from home, changing schools, and having a family that won’t even give attention when needed. Paul goes through all of this, and he is left to make decisions that will change his life forever. Three choices Paul goes through are, changing schools, tattling on Tangerine Middle School soccer players, and informing the police about Arthur and Erik’s wrong doings. In the novel, Tangerine by Edward Bloor, Paul moves from Houston Texas to Tangerine Florida, and the first five months are filled with decisions and chaos. The choices made by Paul, and the consequences of those choices, affect the development of his character. First of all, Paul decides to transfer from Lake Windsor to Tangerine Middle School due to the sinkhole…show more content…
This was a monstrous decision to make because telling the cop about them would mean that the Erik Fisher Football Dream would be terminated. In addition, it would also mean that Paul is risking Erik and Arthur going to jail. “‘I saw--I heard Erik Fisher tell him to do it.’ The heads in the crowd all turned together toward Erik. Sergeant Rojas pointed one finger at him and ordered, ‘You- get over here’” (284). This quote from the text is clarifying how Paul told Sergeant Rojas everything he saw and heard from Erik and Arthur. He told Sergeant Rojas about the incident that involved Erik and Arthur killing Luis with a spine-chilling blackjack. Sergeant Rojas brought Arthur to jail, and told Erik to stay in the house so if he was to come back, Erik will be in the house. Revealing Erik and Arthur’s secrets with Sergeant Rojas lifts a weight off of Paul’s shoulders, and finally puts an end to the Erik Fisher Football Dream. To conclude, The decisions Paul had to make not only affected him, but it also affected his friends, family, and enemies. For example, when Paul decides to tell Sergeant Rojas that Arthur and Erik were the ones to cause trouble, his choice affects Arthur, Erik, Arthur’s parents, Erik’s parents, and definitely Paul. All of Paul’s decisions eventually show Mom and Dad how blind they actually are, and how well Paul can actually
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