Tap Dance History

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Tap dance is a genre of dance when metal plates are fitted to the bottom of heels and when hit on a hard surface, a loud or soft sound, depending on the strength, can be made; these shoes are made to produce audible beats by rhythmically striking the floor. (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2018) Tap dance originated in the United States dating back to the 1800’s- 20th century, this style of dance was inspired from the African and Scottish dances; ever since then tap dance has been evolving into a more intricate and individual style of dance. Tap dance has now become a popular expression of dance; it is performed live and is also aired on TV and the internet. Tap Dogs and Hot Shoe Shuffle are a popular example of tap dance due to their distinct style.…show more content…
Tap dogs are a group of Australian men who perform and are located in Newcastle and Sydney, all shows are choreographed by Dien Perry. Dien enjoys working with a grungy, industrial theme; he was inspired to make a show about this due to his previous profession and upbringing. Tap dogs performed in the 2000 Olympic Games resulting in more recognition, the company also dedicated classes for younger children now known as Tap Pups. The visual setting in Tap Dogs- Beams is based on an industrial vibe, hence them dancing on metal beams; the backdrop/ground also has work scaffolding clearly indicating its theme. Costumes were also a very explicit indication of the theme, all men’s costumes were worksite style for example they were wearing singlets, long pants and all…show more content…
In addition they must include her sister, who happens to have two left feet. But a plot twist reveals that for them to receive the inheritance, the must bring the family together. The choreography of this dance sequence is based on a traditional aspect, this includes much synchronised upper and lower body gestures and an almost always a fast tempo. The set design differs between classy and traditional but also very unique and colourful sets. Hot shoe shuffle includes props to enhance level changes and bring attention to the theme and the performers. The costumes in Hot Shoe Shuffle highly depend on the music, lighting and singing, for example, when bright colours in lights were used it was clear that the costumes also reflected the lighting and setting by using similar ,bright, colours. Furthermore, when dark tones were used, more classical tap dancing and costumes were being

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