The Importance Of Paying Tax In The United States

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People work hard to earn money, which preferably they would like to retain for themselves. However, a substantial portion of this usually has to be given to the state. In my view, it is right that people pay their fair share of taxes. Every government needs money to achieve public operations and to manage the running of the state. This money is usually collected from the citizens of the state in as tax. So, it becomes practically dreadful for the government to run without the tax. Every state has his own way of gathering tax from its citizen. Lack of knowledge about tax has could lead us to a range of problems. These days, we cannot survive without money. Money is used to buy requirements or provisions such as shelters, food, water, clothes addition to this, we don’t need money only for satisfaction of our needs, but also for upcoming savings. Our country mates or citizens should be grateful to pay the taxes to our government. They need to know that the taxes they are paying will help our government to propose services all over our country. The taxes we are paying are more like an income to our government to pay for services within the country, which includes (construction of roads, construction of hospitals, bridges,
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As we have already indicated that tax is more like an income to our government to pay for other public services, in addition, government is also using that tax money to create job opportunities. E.g. tax money could be used for infrastructure, (for construction of hospitals, roads, bridges, clinics etc.,) and by so doing that, the number of unemployment will be reduced in our country.Tax money helps the nation to protect themselves as they cover the military expenses, tax money is also used to provide people who are less privileged with RDP houses, grant money, and also used to assist other learners and students in

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