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AN INQUIRY INTO THE PROBLEMS FACED BY NEWLY APPOINTED TEACHER EDUCATORS OF GUJARAT STATE. AHIR SEEMBEN PUJABHAI Reserach Scholar Pacific University. Udaipur. 1.1 INTRODUCTION The need for improved levels of educational participation for overall progress is well recognized. The key role of educational institutions in realizing it is reflected in a variety of initiatives taken to transform the nature and function of education -- both formal as well as non-formal. Universal accessibility to quality education is considered essential for development. This has necessitated improvement in the system of teacher education so as to prepare quality teachers. Various Commissions and Committees appointed by the Central and the State Governments in recent decades…show more content…
The personnel, who are working in teacher education institutions, are called teacher educator. A teacher educator has two main responsibilities viz., (i) preparation of good teacher for schools; (ii) development of knowledge and generation of ideas in education. Also he has simultaneously to work with (i) Content of knowledge; and (ii) the methodology of communicating this content. He is expected to produce a competent teacher, with commitment to teaching, love for children, healthy attitudes, and be a good man. He is also expected to first make his student teacher unlearn the desirable learning made by him in his education till he comes for a teacher education programme and then acquire the desired learning. It is often forgotten that a teacher pursues a professional course for a year or two only, while his earlier studies in a school and a college/university, for at least 12 to 15 years, formed his essential education. However, a teacher education has, by and large, accepted the responsibility of imparting cognitive, affective and psychomotor learning during the short day of student-teacher with them. A teacher educator, in a sense, had the responsibilities of both a teacher of higher education and a school

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