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Motivation as a Representative of the Effect of Teacher Immediacy on Student’s Learning
A process that involves specific directive and properties of stimulation is called motivation (Brophy, 1983; Wlodkowski, 1978).
To accomplish a goal, people need motivation other wise they are being forced to achieve goal. Motivation can be define as a desire to do something. Except affective and cognitive learning, another important factor about teacher student relationship is motivation. Student motivation has been found as a critical component to student success (Brophy, 2004; Deci, Vallerand, Pelletier, & Ryan, 1991). According to Crump (1995), “Student motivation is a major problem in classrooms today. Many students are bored, inattentive and unable to see a connection between schoolwork and their lives outside the classrooms” (p. 3).
Learning is influenced not only by the interest of student about what is taught and how is taught, but learning also influenced by the interaction and relation between student and teacher. McCroskey (2001) find out that student’s learning is considerably affected by teacher’s immediacy.
As crump (1995) states, “Teacher immediacy can help motivate students by meeting their need for security and safety” (p. 8).
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(2006) recently compiled eight researches to find out correlations between teacher immediacy, student motivation and student learning. These eight studies indicate that immediacy serves as a primary means of motivation, that increasing the capacity of learning.

The Role of Teacher:
Role of teacher is not only involves standing in front of class and teaching lesson but it involves much more. Teacher performs a major role in student’s learning. As the teacher is known as a role model for students that’s why the teacher should must show positive attitude, be respectable, loving, caring and should make pleasant environment.


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