Essay On Teacher Observation

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• Observation: This section should include an overview of the walkthrough. What lesson did you observe? What actions were taking place during the lesson? Was the content being taught aligned to the standards/objectives (please provide detail). What form of assessments are being used? Utilize the NC Teacher Evaluation Standards as your guide.

I visited a first grade classroom for my walkthrough. The teacher was teaching sequential order using measurements of length for the math lesson. The students were not all fully engaged into the lesson that she was teaching. I noticed a couple students off task at their desk and a few others were not following along using their math book that she was reading from. She continued with the lesson and had the book projected on the screen for the students to follow along with. The content that was being taught was aligned to the standards, because it was a lesson from the textbook
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What artifacts did you observe? How do you know students were learning? Were students engaged in the lesson/activity? What evidence supports this? How would you provide this information to the…show more content…
I plan to review my walkthrough notes with the teacher and provide her some examples or second grade samples for her to see what they will soon be required to do. I will also give her some scenarios to try with her own students. I hope the teacher will use my feedback as a tool in her classroom. I do not think she is not a well-rounded teacher, I believe she wants to help them and see them succeed, but it should done in moderation. I will also invite her to my class and see a similar math lesson that they are taught to gain ideas and see from a different
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