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Martin Luther King Jr once said that “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.” (Aurentz, n.d)
Education is considered as an edge to have in life because it can be used as a powerful weapon in achieving success and victory. Teachers are given this task to uphold and are responsible in shaping up the mind of students through the magic of teaching. Students are considered to be the future of a country and teachers play a pivotal role in educating them. Teachers can vary in their quality of teaching in the aspect of attitude, knowledge and skills. Ultimately, even with the different skills present in teachers, their goal remains mutual which is to aid students to achieve their goals in life.
The type of relationship that exists between teachers and students plays a crucial role towards student’s development. According to Liberante (2004), teacher- student relationship is one powerful tool as it is able to cultivate a sense of belonging within students which leads them to be more involved in classroom
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Failure in transmitting the message as a teacher is considered incompetent as students are unable to grasp what is being taught due to lack of communication. Communication consists of intrapersonal communication as well as interpersonal communication which are the process of generating meaning through verbal and nonverbal signs. Intrapersonal communication occurs using internal voices as one communicates with itself internally whereas interpersonal communication involves between people whose lives are mutually influenced by each another (A Primer on Communication Studies, 2012), In the classroom environment, interpersonal relationship between teacher and students plays a pivotal role in contributing towards students learning

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