Essay On Guns In Schools

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Should teachers and students legally be allowed carry guns? Is it safe to allow teachers and students to carry guns? Will it be safer to give this permission only to the one group? These are difficult questions that create controversial opinions. News show schools, universities and other educational institutions had mostly negative impact of weapons. The history has many examples of deadly shootings in educational facilities. “23-year-old student Seung-Hui Cho [killed] 32 people in two locations and [wounded] an undetermined number of others on campus” (CNN Library) in the Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia. There are other examples of students who used guns to kill or wound people in their educational institutions. Weapons were cared by other…show more content…
There is a one example of 60-year-old “welding teacher at William H. Neff Center… [who] allegedly lined up students near a garage door in the classroom, pulled a black gun out of his waistband and fired four to 10 shots at the terrified teens” (Caulfield). However, the man did not have intentions to kill his students, as he used blank ammunition. News show students are the major source of aggression. These facts suggest they should not be allowed to carry guns. But that would not resolve the problem. Teachers and people who do not work at school will still carry a treat. I think in the discussion about weapons at schools the decision should be same for both sides. It means both teachers and students should be allowed or not allowed to carry guns. This decision will cause a chaos and violence at first sight. But the bilateral allowance to carry weapons can make educational institutions safer after a period of adaptation. Both sides will achieve a tool to resolve a conflict with the aid of force. But they will know the opponent has the same equipment. It is likely the potential shooter will think twice before he will act, if he will know dozens of people will be ready to shoot back. The mentioned Walter Seifert could probably kill and injure less people if teachers in that school had
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