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Nilar Aye 1. 11. 2015
Visual aids and their usefulness for different levels
Teaching is a challenging job, whether you are teaching for a private school or tutoring a single child. There are many methods, approaches and strategies to follow to have an effective lesson. Fortunately, there are many aids and accessories available to make the teachers’ job easier.
Teaching aids are materials used by teachers to supplement classroom instruction or stimulate the interest of students. They are crucial for all different types of classes especially with young learners and second language learners. Though some cost money, others are available for free or easily manufactured from household items or on our computers. Teaching aids could be audio aids
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Using realia is also another beneficial teaching aid for teaching vocabulary. It makes easy for the learners to visualize and reduces misinterpretation. However, teachers must take time to find the right materials and need to prepare in advance. This type of teaching aid is suitable for all levels but some think it is a bit boring for higher level learners.
Computers are one of the most useful teaching aids of modern classrooms as they are convenient and make teachers’ job a lot easier. Teachers can prepare colourful and interesting lessons in advance and those lessons can be used again and again. Interactive games can also be played using computers and learners find it interesting and are motivated. They may be somewhat costly but totally beneficial. This teaching aid is suitable for all levels.
Many teachers of all grade levels find that coming up with something that is motivating, energizing, fun, and yet still keeps your objectives at the forefront can be a real challenge. As a teacher, using teaching aids effectively is absolutely beneficial and makes our job a lot easier. Likewise, learners are enthusiastic, fun and learn unconsciously. According to author Thomas Hoerr, "when teachers offer different pathways for students to learn ... more students find success in
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