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The role of teachers´ discourse is a powerful tool for the construction of knowledge. Most of the teachers agree about the educator´s role at using the language in order to develop oral communication. However, why is there little target language spoken in the language classroom by students?. Additionally, there are some kinds of discourses that normally prevail in teaching situations. It is vitally important to determine some patterns that teachers apply in their discourse which impede that teachers develop learners´ oral production which is due to the lack of a big amount of input to students.
Monologic vs dialogic discourse
Firstly, sometimes learners do not feel engaged in the
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Answer number one “Luis” Luis – “true”

Most of monologic discourse is applied by teachers during the development of the class teacher’s talk were such utterances as questions and commands without seeking to interact to students. In addition, all the answers are predictable. Furthermore, the purpose of the questions asked by the teacher varied. Sometimes, the teacher’s aim in asking a question was merely to check the students’ knowledge. Rather, provoking in learners the willing to have an active participation for using the target language.
In short, the type of discourse that the teachers employ it is the bridge to have a class where teacher and learners can interact each other switching opinions and ideas. In a monologic discourse initiates, the student responds and the teacher assess. On the other side, dialogic discourse creates an environment of conducting students into the target language. Finally, monologic means teacher-centered. The teacher knows the answers and expects the students to struggle with the text to come up with the right answer. The pattern suggested is a student-centered, which focuses on gaining a meaningful
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