Essay On Technological Change

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Information Technology is a powerful force in today’s global society and technological change is a really important element in the history of humanity. It considers as a mechanism that promotes economic growth; it increases productivity, enhances the quality of products and services, reformulates the policies and standards that are used by the organization in its processes and improves the level of competitiveness in the organization. In simplest and most widespread notion technological change represents the introduction of new technologies in an organization, work procedures and the upgrades of those that are current.
Implementation of technology has the potential to impact on organization structure, business processes, individual , employment, and job descriptions. As well as the attitudes of individual,
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Some experts assert that technological change is beneficial for all groups in our society, which the changes are more evolutionary than revolutionary in nature, and that technology ultimately creates more jobs than it eliminates. It includes innovations sophisticated communication systems, flexible manufacturing systems, computer-assisted design or industrial robots. These modern technologies incorporate powerful and low-cost microelectronic devices that have the potential to increase productivity in office and factory production tasks. From another perspective, there a recurrent fear has been that technological change will spawn mass unemployment. Some experts say that the pace of technological change is accelerating and that thousands of workers in plants and offices are affected as labor saving innovations are diffused more widely. These experts contend that recent innovations represent a sharp departure from earlier changes Therefore there is essential need to techniques for maintaining job
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