Essay On Technology And Communication

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Technology and communications stay relevant within our society. It has become a basic part in our everyday lives providing lots of benefits. Technology has improved how efficient our society has been becoming people believe that this is a positive influence, but is it? Some believe that technology is making people isolated from the outside world by hiding behind their phone or bringing their issues through social networks. Is this healthy, is this causing more than a minor issue? Nicholas Carr and Clive Thompson both talk about technology and the impacts on it, but through two different views. Yet I still believe either way that technology can negatively affect your social life and relationships you hold with others, but especially friends and family.
Nicholas Carrs essay, “Is Google Making Us Stupid” he argues that using the internet as our search engine and reading source is altering the way that we read and process information. “Never has a communications system played so many roles in our lives-or exerted such broad influence over our thoughts-as the internet does today,” (Carr 321). Carr supports his argument with stories of himself and other peoples experiences of how the internet is warping their abilities to do simple tasks such as reading a text message, an article online, or even something in print
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I agree with both authors that technology is affecting our brains. I believe that it is for the good, not because I’m a millennial but because we are able to find information from technology and the internet that we would have never thought even just fifty years ago. Yet I do believe that all this technology is affecting our brain in the way that some people are starting to become more illiterate by not knowing enough proper english. I believe that technology is advancing and even though our brains aren’t
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