How Does Technology Affect Family Relationships

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There has been a remarkable amount of advancements in the field of technology for the past decades. Due to advancements our lives have been become much easier. Because of technology now we can contact one another from one part of the world to another. Everyone is connected through technology as one can easily contact another in just a matter of seconds. From a global perspective it is bringing people together through social media but looking at a small scale, technology is actually creating distances between the people near you like your family. Family relationships are being greatly disturbed by the intruding of technology House is a place where the children learn the importance of a family and due to the interference of technology this is becoming quite a challenge. Family relationships are very important as they help one understand their emotions, behavior and helps their mental strength and if the relationship bond is weak it can really affect their mental health in a negative way and put them in stress and anxiety.…show more content…
Saima Iqbal , the conclusion came that the reason for family division is when family members don’t give each other enough time and lack of communication, there are many reasons behind it but he main is technology interference. According to her technology is a form of distraction to children. The have their own standards of life on social media and want to create and image for the rest of the life how perfect their life is going and by maintaining their picture their whole time is consumed by technology whereas for the parents they have their own responsibilities to take care of and during this involvement of technology and busy lifestyles the children and parents end up creating distances between them, some realize this early and try to come up with a solution whereas some realize it before it’s too late and end up separating or becoming a victim of mental health problems and
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