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Is technology a barrier rather than an assistance? Phones. Laptops. iPad. Technology is something we all use daily. Within minutes we have all checked our phones, ipads and probably put some sort of music on. The media and news is at the tip of fingers, a push of a button, click of a switch. The countless social media, news and television enables us to find out about world catastrophes within minutes and details within hours.Through the years we have seen technology develop and mould to our needs. Though technology there has been infinite access to all information for years. Is this intrusive or necessary info? There is a concept with technology of more. More advanced phones. More in your own home. More robots. More of everything. When do we stop? What point does it become obsessive? Have we already passed that limit? Technology has taken the world by a storm. A 21st century revolution. Information can be accessed about anyone, anywhere. We trust and give our details to many social media websites, where does the info go? Is it sold to companies to improve on advertising? The more accounts we sign up to, the more information companies know about us and can entice us to buy products . Every app.Every phone. Every website. Provides a purpose. A purpose to Inform and fufull the needs of what we want. Every single minute infomatio is constantly thrown at us. We are always learning and taking in that information which makes up a well rounded person. Whether that’s gossip or well

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