Essay On Technology In A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court Hank And Merlin

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In Mark Twain’s novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Hank and Merlin both use technology and magic respectively to exert a level of power over the common people and nobility of 6th century England. Hank’s method of using technology to exert his power over the people of 6th century England works better than the fake magic used by Merlin during the time period.

In one instance of the novel Hank meets some travelers on their way to find the fountain of youth in England. Hank meets up with these travelers in order to find the fountain that they are trying to get to. Once Hank and his gang reach the fountain they find it to have run dry thereby making the trip a waste. At the fountain, Merlin is trying to fix the fountain with his fake magical powers. The reason Merlin does this is to gain influence over the people of Camelot by showing them his power and for them to respect him and feel
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Hank’s optimism about technology is reflected in his work in Camelot where he uses technology to effect many of the lives in Camelot for the better by building roads, schools, and factories for Camelot. Hank is able to use this technology as a source of hope for the common people and nobility. On the other hand Merlin is distrustful of society, not because he believes it to be inherently bad, but because he believes technology to threaten his power. Prior to the arrival of Hank Merlin is very powerful amongst Camelotian society, but once Hank assumes Merlin's role his power diminished. Merlin is moreso jealous of Hank’s rise in Camelotian society, than he is angry about the rise of technology in Camelot. Henceforth Merlin does not feel that technology is beneficial because technology impacts him negatively. Merlin’s hate and distrust of Hanks manifests in his hate and distrust of Hank’s “inventions” that shape
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