Essay On Technology In Health Care

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The structural, organizational parts and the mode of delivery have been positively altered by technological advancements. The integration of technology has made a lot of improvements in the health care sector by making it easier for doctors to give services for and the patients to be able to access quality health care with fewer problems. The major areas that have benefited from technology in the health care sectors include cancer treatment and research.
Technology is defined as the application of this knowledge for practical ends. Modern technology has changed the way many things are done. One of the areas that have been impacted by technology is the medical field. Health care has come a long way especially if you compare the days before the appearance of technology and now. Adoption of technology in health care has made it possible for major breakthroughs and improvements of medical services. Aside from treatment and research, technology has revolutionized the way data is collected and managed in hospitals and other medical facilities.
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The use revolutionary medical equipment in cancer treatment has made it possible for patients to enjoy a wide range of services that concern the treatment. The use of nanotechnology-enhanced medications has been a major step in the treatment of cancer across the globe (Janice 2009). One of the challenges that doctors have been facing when it comes to treating cancer is dealing with resistance drugs. The use of technology has helped doctors to carry out research and come up with a product that can deal with this challenge. One of the tools that technology has produced and which is now being used to treat cancer is the feedback system control which is a drug that can help doctors, analyze the physical trait of the cell and create a mapping effects on the conditions of the drug in the body system of the
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