Essay On Technology In Schools

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Technology in Schools: An Analysis

Our current use of technology has never been as advanced as it is now. Today 's kids have often been labeled as the, "digital natives". However, they have also been labeled the "distracted" generation (Levy). Either way, technology use in schools is something that is hotly debated, and it should be reduced. This includes a ban on cellphones in the classroom, a ban on laptops in the classroom, and doing things without technology.

An outright ban on cellphones in the classroom is one of the most divisive issues concerning technology in schools. Some say that it is a learning tool that must be used; others say that it is just a highway to social media. A big reason why some say cellphones should be banned is because they are a major distraction. From texting to Instagram, cellphones can be used for just about anything other than schoolwork. Some people think that cellphones can "personalize" the learning process (Levy). While that is true, the question must be asked, "Do the benefits of cell phones outweigh the cons?" Brother Luke does not think so. He says, "Although cell phones are nice to use in class,
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While this may be true, people have difficulties doing two things at once well (Levy). Professor Clay Shirky, who teaches theory and practice of social media at NYU, agrees with this as well. He argues that people multitask because they want to get more things done, but contrary to popular belief, multitasking hurts their ability to get things done because their efficiency in achieving their tasks is worsened (Shirky). Furthermore, multitasking during class means that the students may be listening, but they are not understanding the concept at a deeper level (Levy). Also, cellphone use is not just distracting for the person using it, but also for the people around them and the teacher. As professor Shirky put
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