Essay On Technology In Teaching

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Using technology in teaching has been one of the teaching methods nowadays which has made several people questioning the effect of technology in teaching .
Some teachers recently has been using technology during their teaching lessons for several reasons .some of the reasons are : Technology makes their teaching an easier job 2: using technology during teaching affects the students learning 3:Technology is a requirement because it is all what the new generation is interested in .
These reasons are not all reasons of why teachers use technology during their teaching and also using technology does not always mean that it is positively affecting the students learning and the teachers teaching . (Smith,2013) In his paper it is said
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Therefor students who learn face-to-face are better in showing expressions and able to speak up about the subject or to share their opinion .
(Klaus 2015)reports that using technology could be a waste of time instead of saving time .If the instructor is not well experienced with using technology this can be a problem during class time because class time Is very valuable in which the teacher should benefit from it.also, overusing technology creates in which many students learn by physically and mentally interaction therefore, technology should be used to supplement the classroom curriculum and should not be used as the sole source of learning . All in all ,using technology in education is beneficial and it could not be beneficial for several reasons As it has been discussed in some researches that using technology during class time can be beneficial for students whereas it grabs their attention and instead of being bored looking at
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