Essay On Technology In The Classroom

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In recent years, technology such as, computers, tablets, online studying programs, and Google Classroom has been implemented in the classroom. Technology plays an important role in this new era of education because today, children grow up learning on tablets and phones, and adolescents use computers to do homework and classwork. There are many benefits to including technology in the classroom, such as keeping students engaged, making homework easier to do, and allowing a student to communicate better with his or her teacher. Technology in the classroom comes in many different forms such as online studying programs. For example, there is No Red Ink and Study Island. These forms of technology are being used in classrooms more often and do excellent work in maintaining students engaged in lessons. Online study programs such as these use elements of entertainment and studying to ensure students are immersed in learning. For instance, No Red Ink is used in english classes in order to teach more grammatical rules, and is a fun and easy way to learn that catches the students attention and keeps it. Therefore, all classes benefit immensely from using online study programs such as these for their simple and entertaining way of teaching that truly allows for a student to learn without becoming discouraged.…show more content…
Through Google Classroom a teacher can post assignments online and can maintain better communication with students. It is an exceptional program that allows for work to be done seamlessly anywhere. Google Classroom can be used on any device and offers an app for mobile phones. It is a truly simple program to use that allow for harmonious work between a student and his or her teacher. Google Classroom offers a simple and versatile way for students to learn, do work, and turn in assignments, and also makes it simpler for teachers to give feedback and grade
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