Essay On Technology In The Veldt

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In the Veldt by Ray Bradway, the Wendy and Peter are at fault for killing their parents because since the kids wanted control of the nursery since they were addicted, and their parents wouldn’t let them in since the nursery was malfunctioning, they were going to move away, but the only way to have the control of the nursery was to kill them.
A reason that they killed their parents, is early in the beginning of the story, we see the problem began to develop when the parents realize that the kids have messed with the nursery when it was at Africa, then switch to the forest. Then when the kids got won’t let them in the nursery, and close it since they thought it was not working right.” from the Veldt. There was a green, lovely forest, a lovely river, a purple mountain, high voices singing, and Rima, lovely and mysterious, lurking in the trees with colorful flights of butterflies, like animated bouquets, lingering in her long
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The reason behind this is that not all technology is bad because think of your kid using technology and actually learning something from it. In the Veldt the kids were able to learn things from the nursery. Kid in school use technology for work and is able to help them on certain projects an searches to help in their classes. According to this website Business Insider,
-kids-tech-free “In many schools, children have been allowed to browse the internet for information – it’s incredible how many facts are at their fingertips when they sit down in front of a computer. Of course schools are still stressing the importance of books, but children can access information on the internet that the school might not have in their library,” states lb50. Another example of how there are benefits is the VR systems they have made so that you can explore things like the Veldt but without the feelings that the Veldt
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