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Effects of Technology Integration on Emergent Literacy Skills In highly integrated environments, technology serves both as a tool that enables student-centered learning and as a stage where meaningful learning activities can be played out (Salomon & Perkins, 1996). However, technology is often only integrated on the surface as a tool for the teacher or for research. Computer technology can provide interesting and powerful learning opportunities, but these are not taken automatically, teachers and learning need to learn how to take advantage of these opportunities (Perkins, 1985). Background Research indicates that the integration of computer technology can help teachers to build a visual and more interactive learning environment in their classroom…show more content…
Language education that contributes to learning to read and write, as well as literacy development such as knowledge about language, writing, verbal ability, and the ability to process information (Cviko et al., 2011). Technology integration. Applying computer technology, including its techniques and products, to facilitate the performance of school curriculum and pedagogy (Seels & Richey, 1994). Summary Different articles will be examined to find the effectiveness of technology integration to support emergent literacy skills. Different forms of technology integration will be examined to find if the technology can help educators take technology integration to a level that supports what research has shown to be beneficial. Using technology, teachers should be able to create a classroom and promote learning to diverse learners. This literature review focuses on different technology programs and models used for the enhancement and building of emergent literacy skills. Effects of different programs and the practicality of the technology in a classroom setting are discussed. Literature Review The literature review focuses on different technology programs and integration. All studies are focused on students in preschool and kindergarten, ages 4-6 where emergent literacy skills are
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