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In the modern world, technology, which is use of science in creating tools that solve problems, could be easily found almost everywhere: from light bulbs that make people see better in dar, to reach someone far away, people use telephones… At the same time, poisonous gases and guns are also examples of technology. Hence, the following question may arise: is the overall impact of technology positive? In fact, this question was significant in the past, according to Mitcham, even in the beginning of Western philosophy there was uncertainty about technical activities, because although these activities make job (farming) easier, they “do not produce as much manliness as traditional activities.” This essay, based on “Enlightenment Optimism” by C. Mitcham, will argue that benefits of using technology are definitely more significant than downsides and therefore technology is inherently good for humanity.
First of all, for majority of people raising own children is one of life goals, but some of them are not able to reproduce naturally. According to Hong Kong newspaper article, on average one out of six Hong Kong couples is infertile. In the past, the
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Many people were indeed murdered using weapons, but initially bombs (gunpowder) were created by Chinese to scare away evil spirits and for entertainment, not for killing other people. And moreover, by the definition of technology, it is a tool, but it is used by humans and controlled by humans, hence all the responsibility on consequences lies also on humans. For instance, nobody would accuse factories for pollution or energy waste, but owners of them, because they could implement environmentally friendly industrial processes or make use of ‘green’ energy, such as hydro, solar, wind or biomass

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